Elementor #3206

Our Documentaries

These are the some of the stories we have got from the  community in different places across Uganda and Africa. Real life compelling stories that show how deeply we need to intervene and help people urgently. 

The first time we visted the Paul Kayonga family in Wakiso District Uganda. A family suffering from Duchenne Musclar dystrophy. Tip was funded by TEEAPI

Uganda was put in an induced Covid 19 Lockdown for 2 months Which left many families devastated. Sapphire Foundation gave food relief and basic support to more than 214 families 

Sapphire Foundation Collaborated with TEEAPI to reach medical services to more than 500 people in Budo, Sumba Zone

Sapphire Foundation has been helping Kids with Schools Fees, Sanitary towels, lunches and here parents show more need to help

Unfortuntely Gloria Namubiru succumbed to cancer of the eye when we had so much hope that she would recover. She left other siblings who need help

With so much clothing need, Sapphire Foundation gave clothers and other essentials to these families in Fort Portal Uganda.