Alone In the crowd the film

Alone in the crowd was shot from the slopes of mountain Rwenzori by Sapphire Foundation. By the time we shot this move we were struggling to get things together. There was no funding for this film and yet Sapphire foundation wanted to highlight the needs of these families and get them the necessary help to see that their lives change.

Alone in the crown features Febronia who lost the husband about 27 years ago to HIV/AIDS and later lost the daughter to the same. Now the mother and grand mother struggles to look after a family of boys and girls who were left behind by their parents in a time where she has no job and any substantial income. Life is hard for the family.

Here is the link for the video

Years late the family continues to struggle with so much need meanwhile Sapphire Foundation has allowed to take over the school fees and school needs for 3 of the family members to enable them attain a better education.

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