How Corona Virus Is Affecting UGANDA

As Covid 19 continues to spread across East Africa many sectors are being affected. Uganda in Particular is fighting on but feeling diverse effects from the neighboring countries. Different standard of procedures have been developed by the Ministry Of Health to curb the spread of Corona Virus in the Country.

As of this week the country expects an ease of the lockdown when we shall see the public transport eased and shops partly opened but the malls and arcades are yet to be opened. The government has been distributing food to sustain its citizens but they have not been enough in doing this. Many people have not got food and the only hope is looking at the country ending the lockdown to help them get back to work and be able to operate with the economy all at a time, the economy faces a big beating as we face and need a time to recover.

While many Ugandans want to go back to work, a lot dont have masks and other marterial to use like sanitizers, this is leading the county to a place that might lead to high risk of infection in case the virus spreads to the community.

As measures are put we await help from goverment and individual to help motherland and we see life moving forward.

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