Sapphire foundation has distributed food to over 200 hundred families in Uganda across 8 districts in a period of three weeks.

Uganda came face to face with the reality of Covid 19 cases with the second wave in July 2021. Hospitals were full to capacity and many people lost their loved ones.

This prompted the president and the Covid 19 taskforce in the country to the fully lockdown the country to avoid further deaths and spread of Covid 19 virus.

Unfortunately, many Ugandans have jobs which give them daily incomes and the biggest part of the 45 million people don’t have savings on their accounts, so their survival for the next days would be so difficult.

As Uganda went on a countdown of the 42 days covid 19 induced lockdown hunger bite harder and now it was hunger the problem of many not covid 19. Many families stayed hopeless in the face of devastation and sickness.

The government promised to help Ugandans with food but to many families this didn’t come which further escalated the need and the tough time.

Sapphire Foundation wouldn’t sit in and watch as people slept on empty stomachs for days. We clearly knew we wouldn’t help all people but we looked for a some of the most vulnerable families and we offered food, drinks essentials and also upkeep to other families.

This gave hope to more than 200 families that we helped and still adding on to the list. We are still distrubuting food to the worst hit families to give them space to recover and be able to sustain themselves again.

Here is a video we from with very sad and compelling stories from the families we helped;

Video showing some of the families who recieved food

Sapphire foundation has for long relied on donors and friends to help the people who are in dire need and through the years we have changed lives together to help us

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