Sapphire Foundation Needs Clothes, We Are Collecting At All Points, Support Us

More than 52% of Ugandans don’t have access to proper clothing and this is mostly in the rural part of the country for the North, East, west with few cases in the south and a few cases on the Central and south.

 Having proper clothing is so important because, since the biggest part of the population lives on less than 2 Dollars, it gets hard to spend money on clothing. So it’s so important to offer these people clothing to help replace their worn out clothes or own clothes for those who totally don’t have.

As a Foundation we always want to make people not feel left out and belonging as our father in heaven wishes, therefore we strive to support individuals in a better way we can, of course thru our faithful partners and donors who push us a step further.

So, Sapphire Foundation and a team of other volunteers are collecting clothes country wide at different collection points to support people who have no clothes or old clothes and this would be a special gift and a blessing to the people who are moving with naked or with Old clothes.

We are collecting clothes all sizes, might be old but not worn out. We aregoing  to distribute to different types of people in the population, we are also collecting other usable essentials like shoes, bags and many more material,  we are going to different Districts of Uganda and as remote as we can to fulfill this need.

Since Sapphire foundation deals mostly with children we also other essential basic needs like sanitary pads, pens Uniforms, books, etc so in case you can help with the latter it would be a huge blessing too.

You can directly get in touch on or on FaceBook at Sapphire Foundation, or come to Najim Mall Suite AB, Call +256394807078 to know the nearest collect collection point or any inquiries.

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  1. I live in NYC and would love to assist by sending clothing to your foundation. How can this be done? Please let me know.
    Thank you!

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