Like one famous south African singer Lucky Dube sang, education is the key, so one of highest points of focus is eductaion.

The Everett and Austin Project team together with Sapphire foundation visited Sseganga primary school in Wakiso District where Paul Kayonga’s kids go.

We had a candid discussion with the teachers at school and also discussed ways how we can improve the eduaction and the conditions at school, we discovered how the students there have a shortage of meals which is a big hinderance to the whole system of learning.

So we want to come up with a system that favours all the pupils to help them have a balance and share the meals at better times.

We also discovered the poor structures that pupils endure to study, sometimes it rains during lessons and sometimes the sun is too much and heat exausts the pupils during lessons.

Sapphire foundation and the Everett and Austin Project are drafting means to come up with different

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